Hot Springs – Parks Needs Assessment

In 2014 the City of Hot Springs hired Tallgrass to conduct a parks needs assessment for all of the parks in the city. We conducted historic research, ADA compliance assessment, playground safety assessment, and a series of community workshops which culminated in the City Parks Needs Assessment. This document will be used to improve the city’s in a clear, methodical way based on safety and community priorities.

The workshops told us that Hot Springs residents are deeply committed to the quality of Hot Springs Parks. They perceive the parks as one of the unique features of Hot Springs and use them year-round. While improvements are needed in the ADA and safety categories, only minor organizational changes to the existing parks were suggested by the community. Large scale public lands improvement projects have been on the community’s mind for some time and include a Freedom Trail or Riverwalk trail extension from Kidney Springs to Upper Chautauqua Park, a dog park, a splash park, a Community Recreation Center utilizing the old Armory building and hiking / biking trails on the 90 acre city well property.

Download the complete City Parks Needs Assessment for the City of Hot Springs, South Dakota.

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