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Tallgrass Landscape Architecture provided graphic visualizations for the City of Lead to help residents understand the parking initiative appearing on the November 6 ballot and to update the community regarding the City Vision elements in the planning and idea stage in the downtown area. The images were developed based upon the terms of the proposed ordinance amendment, plans that the city has in various stages of development, and in conjunction with city officials. The images are intended to represent “what if” scenarios and do not represent a single vision for the future of Lead, but rather a variety of ideas and possibilities. Lead has incredible civic participation, and Tallgrass feels fortunate to have worked with the dedicated commissioners Denise Parker, TJ Larson and City Administrator Mike Stahl in the development of these images. The attendance at the presentations was incredible and we commend the civil and inquisitive attitudes of those who are working hard to develop long term growth and prosperity for their downtown! The first sequence illustrates the basic choice that needs to be made before the South Dakota Department of Transportation finishes their plans for the reconstruction of Main Street through the downtown as framed by the November 6 2012 proposed ordinance amendment parking initiative. A YES vote for this amendment requires the City keep parking through the downtown. A NO vote allows for removal and modification of parking through the downtown area. The voters’ choice is to balance what they feel is the best path forward for the city, and the images attempt to equally represent the options.

The second sequence illustrates several ideas in various stages of development in the downtown area. Some very visionary ideas have come forward from the community in the last 18 months to help spur economic growth and reinvigorate development. The ideas currently range from simply clarifying parking options to building a new library – but nothing is set in stone. The city wants to hear from the community and to show what is currently being discussed.

The entire presentation can be downloaded here. It was presented after the City Commission meeting October 1, 2012 at City Hall and October 9, 2012 at a Public Presentation at the Days Inn. The ballot will be presented again October 23, 2012 at a ballot initiative informational meeting at the Lead High School. These presentations have been covered in the Black Hills Pioneer, Rapid City Journal and on KOTA.  

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  1. Giovanni says:

    I guess I am seeing the change with what has been happening downtown. We’re becoming more community oriented and less big box and you don’t have to drive as much. I guess I’d just like to see us move a little further towards what we see in Europe. I think people want to feel involved in their community and that’s what we need. Chad, deVine Wine and Spirits, Day 13